Killer Bees Honey Tour

killer bees honey tour

Killer Bees Honey

Our Artisanal honey is nothing like the heat-treated, ultra-filtered, bland, off-the-shelf store honey. Tasting Killer Bees Honey the first time is akin to eating a farm fresh egg or garden-grown tomato - your taste buds come alive with a host of flavors you didn’t know were possible.

About Killer Bees Honey

Honey production, like wine, is season-driven and an expression of place, time, and weather. But unlike wine, honey is not simply a result of geography. It's a result of the concentrated nectar of the indigenous flora within a three-mile radius of the hive. Thus, Killer Bees Honey harvested from these micro-regions in the mountains is uniquely different than honey harvested anywhere else.

Sapphire Valley Amenity Card Holders Info
Thursday, 9:00 am
Have a private tour, a champagne lunch and pour yourself a honey souvenir.

Sign up by 5 pm Wednesday. - 828-743-7663

Content and Images Courtesy: Killer Bees Honey


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