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Unto These Hills

Unto These Hills Outdoor Drama Retells the Trail of Tears in Cherokee, NC
Taking place in the 1830s, the Trail of Tears was the forced and brutal relocation of approximately 100,000 indigenous people (belonging to Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole, among other nations) living between Michigan, Louisiana, and Florida to land west of the Mississippi River.
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Sapphire Valley Resort Weekly Trip to Cherokee, NC

Wednesday, 5:30 pm “UNTO THESE HILLS” CHEROKEE DRAMA. Chronicling the tragedy of the Trail of Tears and the triumph of the Cherokee People. 12 & up: $40, 6-12: $22, 2-5: $20, Under 2: N/C Sign up by 4 pm Tues.

Unto These Hills, By Kermit Hunter

You can feel a slight chill run up your spine; but not from the mountain winds shifting their direction in anticipation of the coming dusk. It is from your anticipation of the coming drama. Unto These Hills drama is the tragic and triumphant story of the Cherokee that traces back to the years before the heartbreak of the Trail of Tears to the present day. 

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The Cherokee Historical Association
To learn more about the Cherokee Historical Association, the Trail of Tears and the Cherokee Indian Nation: