The History of Sapphire Valley

... counting down to 70 years! 

For the full history of Sapphire Valley, visit:
[Sapphire Valley Historical Society]

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Ski Sapphire Valley, 1982

The original rope tow on the beginner slope served thousands over the years.

Today the beginner, or training slope, is served by a much safer, state of the art 'moving carpet' making it much easier for beginners to navigate to the top!

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Golf in Sapphire Valley, 1963

The older the picture the more rare! This is a classic - golfers playing in the rain on what is now The Country Club of Sapphire Valley. 

At the time it was known as Sapphire Valley Inn and Country Club.

The hand written note on the back of this image reads:  "May 30, 1963 Golf in the rain on Sapphire Course – using trucks for caddy carts!"

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