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Sapphire Valley's Newest Amenity

FOOTGOLF is a new addition to the already all inclusive package of activities at Sapphire Valley Resort that all can participate in. If you can kick a ball, you can play

Foot Golf at Red Bird

footgolf sapphire valley

Foot Golf!

Players kick a soccer ball into a cup in as few shots as possible. Its name is a combination of soccer and golf, and the game combines the two sports, being more closely related to golf.
A flat, easy to walk course in the heart of Sapphire Valley

footgolf sapphire valley resort

foot golf sapphire valley resort

Great for all ages!

The game is played the same way as golf, except players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club, working towards a 21-inch "cup" in place of the usual golf hole. The player who plays the 9 holes with the fewest kicks wins.
Rates (Per Person)
Public - $10
Amenity - $7
Ball Rentals - $3
You may bring your own soccer ball!
Call for more information: 828-743-1991