Hiking Sapphire Valley

and The High South

Enjoy the great outdoors hiking in and around Sapphire Valley! Here we give you the top three options for a quick access and great hike!

Hiking around Sapphire

All of our new, updated hiking information is now on High South Adventures. [Click Here] for hiking info and maps to Whiteside Mountain, Glen Falls, DuPont State Park, Bartram Trail, Panthertown Valley and much more!

Fairfield Lake

...and a hike to the top of Bald Rock Mountain. The 3.2 mile trail around Fairfield Lake is one of the easiest and most accessible. The hike to the top of Bald Rock is a bit of a different story, but worth the effort....

Fairfield Lake Trail
This trail is open from Labor Day through the winter and closes on Memorial Day. Camp Merrie Woode girls camp closes the western end of the trail for the safety of the campers. 
Park at the Sapphire Valley Boat and Beach facilities and depending on your preference, go right or left! That's it. The trial is easy to follow and offers great views of Bald Rock Mountain. 

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