The Vordach
Zip Line

Sapphire Valley Resort and The Vordach - North Carolina ​Zip Line Experience! These series of zip lines provide big valley views and the opportunity to be immersed in the old-growth canopy

Sapphire Valley Resort -
The Vordach Zip Line

Sapphire Valley Resort’s continuing effort to enhance the vacation experience of our owners, guests, and general public visitors has resulted in the addition of a world class ‘zip line canopy’ course. The Vordach Zip line will be a thrill you will remember for a long time as you zip high about Ski Sapphire Valley!

About The Vordach!

Course Information
Low Course:
(Low Stations - a great introduction)
High Course - the full Vordach - all stations including an optional 30 foot rappel!
Weight Limit: 250lbs.
Age Limits:
8 and older may tour the low course
Ages 12 and up may tour the High Course - the full Vordach!
This includes an optional rappel at the mid-station!


Ad the thrill of rappelling down from one of the zip line platforms!

[Flight Times and More Info]

When Ski Sapphire Valley was built over 50 years ago, Austrian ski instructors were on site to teach and entertain skiers. “The Vordach”, Austrian/German for ‘The Canopy’, seemed natural name and fit for this amenity.

Western North Carolina Zip Line Info - The Vordach

The zip line rates: 60.00 is our public rate and 45.00 is our amenity rate. This is for the upper or full course.

Our flights are at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Kids from 9 through 11 must do the lower course rate is 50.00 (adults) and 36.50 (kids). We have the 250 lb. weight limit.

Reservations are requested.

Call 828-743-2251 for Group Info and Discounts!
Each session can accommodate 8 guests (4 guests minimum)
Plan on a 2 hour Vordach Experience high in the trees!
(Total time includes ground training and Vordach Zip Line Tour)

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