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The Vordach
Zip Line

The Vordach - North Carolina
​Zip Line Experience! These series of zip lines provide big valley views and the opportunity to be immersed in the old-growth canopy


Ad the thrill of rappelling down from one of the zip line platforms!

1. Flight times 10AM and 1PM (Closed Sunday and Monday)
NOTE: Bring a Group and set your own day and time! Call 828-743-2251 for Group Info and Discounts! 
2. Each session can accommodate 12 guests (6 guests minimum)
3. Plan on a 3 hour Vordach Experience total tour high in the trees! (Total time includes ground training and Vordach Zip Line Tour)
4. Call 828-743-7663 for more information.
5. Rates: Public: $37.50 - Amenity Card Holder: $27.50
Group Rates Available! Call Group Sales at 828-743-2251
6. Ask about the Green Course (Easy) Ages 8 and up - (Lower stations - a great introduction), Blue Course - the full Vordach - all stations!, Black Diamond: The full Vordach including a rappel down from a mid-course station! (The rappel station may not be available during all Vordach flights.)
7. Weight Limit: 250lbs.
8. Age Limits: 8 up to 11 can tour the Green Course
9. Ages 12 and up tour the Blue Course - the full Vordach! An optional Black Course includes a rappel at the mid-station!