The top three waterfalls near
Sapphire Valley Resort! 

Two waterfalls are less than 20 minutes away. The granddaddy of them all, Whitewater Falls is only about 25 minutes!
(Actually, we have four great options for you!)

Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park

Rainbow Falls

The rock formation over which the river cascades isn't perfectly vertical. However, the substantial water volume, even during typical river flows, propels it several feet away from the rock's face, ultimately forming a deep plunge pool at the falls' base. This generates significant wind and mist, which swiftly ascend the hillside opposite the falls. Under favorable conditions with the sun positioned just right, a rainbow readily emerges, lending the falls its distinctive name.
Rainbow Falls Trail is 1.5-mile one way and is rated Strenuous Hiking. It is worth the walk as this is a thunderous waterfall.

There are other waterfalls and trails in Gorges State Park.

See the Glen Falls option below as you may prefer this hike over the Gorges excursion. 

1400' fall leaf colors

Directions to Gorges State Park

Just a short 18 minute drive from Sapphire Valley will place you at the Gorges State Park. The park has a great welcome center with friendly staff - don't miss this experience!
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Gorges State Park Map

Silver Run Falls

Silver Run Falls
One of the easiest waterfalls to park and walk to.

Silver Run Falls is a waterfall a few miles south of the town of Cashiers, North Carolina on Highway 107S . It is popular with locals and tourists alike. The falls are located after a flat, 200 yard trail.

Additionally, there is a second secret falls located above Silver Run. On the left side of the cliff face of the falls, just inside the woods, there is a slope of granite with many roots for handholds leading to the top of the falls. Follow the trail up top until you hear the second falls on your right.

Silver Run Falls

Directions to Silver Run Falls
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Silver Run Falls Map

Whitewater Falls
Highest waterfall east of the Rockies

Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls comprises a series of waterfalls and cascades nestled along the course of the Whitewater River, straddling the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. Spanning a distance of 3.5 miles, the river descends a remarkable 1,500 feet, creating a scenic spectacle.

Accessible via the Foothills Trail or dedicated spur trails, both Upper and Lower Whitewater Falls offer captivating hiking opportunities, with designated lookouts providing stunning vistas of the cascades.

Upper Whitewater Falls, standing at an impressive 411 feet, resides within the Nantahala National Forest in Jackson County, North Carolina. Recognized by the U.S. Forest Service as the tallest waterfall east of the Rockies, its breathtaking plunge captivates visitors.

Meanwhile, Lower Whitewater Falls, measuring a still impressive 200 feet, graces the Sumter National Forest in Oconee County, South Carolina. Though shorter in stature, its beauty and allure remain undeniable, drawing admirers to its serene surroundings.

image: Drmies - Own work
Whitewater Falls, North Carolina, after copious rainfall. CC BY-SA 3.0

Whitewater Falls Sapphire Valley

Directions to Whitewater Falls

Just 25 minutes from the Sapphire Valley Resort Community Center, Whitewater Falls is a must visit! 
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Whitewater Falls Map

Glen Falls, Highlands NC

Glen Falls, Highlands NC

Embark on a memorable journey along the scenic hiking trail leading to the awe-inspiring Glen Falls, situated near Highlands, North Carolina. Spanning 2.6 miles round trip, this trail offers a moderate challenge and typically takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes to traverse.

Throughout the hike, you'll discover numerous breathtaking viewpoints showcasing the majestic waterfall from various angles. For the most spectacular sights, consider visiting after a rainfall, when the cascades are at their fullest. The trail culminates at a picturesque campsite, with a service road conveniently located just 20 yards away.

Directions to Glen Falls, Highlands NC

Glen Falls is about a 30 minute drive from the Sapphire Valley Resort Community Center.
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Map to Glen Falls Highlands NC

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