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Lake Glenville Boat Cruise

boat cruise lake glenville

Signal Ridge Marina

Signal Ridge Marina has been a long standing partner with Sapphire Valley Resort for Lake Glenville tours! Located in a beautiful mountain forest, Lake Glenville boasts pristine waters, glistening sand beaches, and three waterfalls that can only be seen from the lake.

About Lake Glenville

Spanning six miles in length with twenty six miles of shoreline, Lake Glenville is the perfect escape from the everyday. 

Sapphire Valley Amenity Card Holders Info
Tuesday, 2:00 pm AFTERNOON DELIGHT BOAT CRUISE Enjoy the afternoon spending 2 hours on this beautiful mountain lake. BYOB, snacks and drinks. $45 plus tax.

Sign up by Monday, 5:00 pm - 828-743-7663

History of Lake Glenville

During World War II, ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America) needed more electricity to make aluminum for the war effort. In June 1940, Nantahala Power and Light, then owned by ALCOA, began constructing a dam to generate hydroelectric power on the west fork of the Tuckasegee River at Onion Falls. They completed it in late 1941, filling a new lake called Thorpe Reservoir or (present-day) Lake Glenville behind the dam. It encompassed the entire valley north of Cashiers. The town of Glenville was evacuated and flooded, covering schools, homes, businesses, and farmlands with water to a depth of 300 feet. Water from the dam goes through a pipe 12 miles north to Thorpe power house producing the highest head pressure in the northern hemisphere.