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About Sapphire Valley Resort Amenities

Sapphire Valley Resort Amenities are owned and managed by the Sapphire Valley Master Association. Most amenities are private and for the use of property owners, their guests, or those renting property on the Resort.  The property owner must be Member in good standing and has Amenity Card privileges.

Some Amenities are open to the public: Ski Sapphire Valley, Red Bird Golf, Concerts on the Slopes, Arts and Craft Festivals, some Special Events, and the Sapphire Valley Racquet Club are open to the public. Red Bird Golf and the Racquet Club may limit access to the public during certain events or hours of the day.
Ski Sapphire Valley is always open to the public during normal operating hours.

If you are renting a Sapphire Valley Resort property, please confirm with the owner or management company directly that the property includes Sapphire Valley Resort Amenity Cards for your use and in the quantity you need for your family. The rental property owner or manager can make arrangements to get Amenity Cards for you. 

Bottom Line - thousands rent each year with full amenity access, just check with your rental owner/manager and come! Play!

New or Potential New Sapphire Valley Owners - Please call the Resort Management Team at 828-743-7667 should you have any questions about HOA documents including building restrictions, fees, etc.

The Sapphire Valley Master Association has a contract with Capital Vacations Resort Management to manage the amenities and recreational programs.

Capital Vacations Resort Management provides an informative website portal for Sapphire Valley Master Association members, including timeshare owners.

At this secure site, you may view your Owner Information, Dues Transactions, and Resort Information such as Owner and Public documents including Master Association Meeting Minutes.

Please us the button above to access this web site. This will open in a new web site window or tab.
Please call the Sapphire Valley Community Center at 828-743-7663 for assistance.

Email Address or Owner ID Number
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- Email Address (existing users) - Owner ID Number (new and existing users)

New Users: Please use your member number located on the front of your membership card if you are a first time user. If your member number is not recognized, you may need to enter your Owner ID Number, which can be found in two places on your billing statement. It is located in a box in the upper left portion of your statement, as well as on the remittance coupon. If your Owner ID Number is in a format of 12-12345 please only use the numbers after the hyphen.

Password For first time users: Please use the first 5 digits of your zip code. (If your address is outside the United States please use the first 5 numbers / characters of your 

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